They ARE Ready!

Congratulations Scott Schultz and Chris Chiu on passing the ARE! We asked them 5 questions to celebrate and reflect on their accomplishments and to gain more insight into the ARE process and their respective paths to the architectural profession. 

Scott Schultz
Scott is a Senior Project Architect at PH, bringing 12 years of experience in schematic design, design development, and construction document phases on projects of varying size and scope nationwide.

When did you first know you wanted to be an architect?
I was probably about 10 or so when my dad was leading the renovation of an old industrial building into the new home of the church that we belonged to. I think the process of the design and construction of the space really interested me and kind of planted the seeds of architecture in me.

What is the most exciting thing about architecture?
I enjoy solving the puzzle of the building or masterplan, getting everything to fit and work together is a really exciting process and I find it very satisfying once it all comes together!

How did you start planning for the ARE and has your plan changed throughout the years?
It all started well-intentioned and then life/kids/etc… put it on the back-burner for a while as I slowly chipped away at the tests. A series of deadlines in the licensure process forced me to get serious and I was lucky enough to pass them all on the first try!

What advice did you get in preparation for the ARE and what advice would you give to others?
It may seem like a daunting task but there is no better time than now to start! Once you pass one you kind of get a bug to take the next one… the trick is to keep with it and don’t let that feeling fade.

How do you feel now? What’s next?
Very relieved! I think I’ll enjoy my weekends for a while with no studying scheduled in!

Chris Chiu
Chris joined PH in 2015 bringing 7 years of prior architecture experience. As a Project Architect, Chris is involved in a wide range of mixed-use and residential projects.

What are the biggest challenges and attractions of this profession for you?
I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out on a technical level. I was always interested in learning how things are put together, and that same passion carries into my work as an architect. Understanding how buildings or components come together and how innovative construction techniques can be used to that end has always intrigued me more than any other aspect of the profession.

Do you have a favorite type of project?

Not in particular, but if I had to choose one it would probably be the single-family residence, due to the fact that the smaller scale lends itself well to developing interesting details.

What question do you remember the most from taking the ARE and why?
There was a case study question (version 5.0) which asked me to identify the correct storefront head/wall assembly detail for a given condition, but gave me no clues as to what the wall construction would have been at that condition (or anywhere with a similar facade, for that matter). That was frustrating, but at least it was a multiple-choice question.

How do you spend your extra time now that you are no longer studying for the ARE?
Free time? What’s that? In all seriousness though, I try to give back as much time as I can to my family now, since my time with them took the biggest hit while I was studying for the ARE.

What questions did you ask architects when you were a student? Are you able to answer these questions now?
I think the question I asked most frequently growing up and even through architecture school was ‘why?’. I was always trying to understand the reasons behind conventional wisdom, not to challenge the conventions but rather to understand why it was a convention in the first place.

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