Pullman Park


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives

1,150 Units
670,000 SF Retail/Commercial
7,900,000 GSF
182 Acres

Pullman Park is envisioned to be a sustainable, mixed-use development that provides vital retail services, diverse recreational opportunities, and quality housing to the greater Pullman and Roseland Communities on the South Side of Chicago. The design sensibility honors the historic location, and by making steps to enhance the existing physical environment, Pullman Park will establish a new and vibrant community that enriches the lives of current and future residents, neighbors, and visitors. The master plan is comprised of several distinct districts with retail and housing arranged to encourage interaction and walkability. The centerpiece of the plan is a new ten-acre park encouraged by a street framework whose boulevards link the park to each of the plan’s key nodes.

Honorable Mention, Congress for the New Urbanism, Illinois Chapter

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