Lind-Waldock & Co.


Chicago, Illinois

Lind-Waldock & Co.

260 Units
34 Stories
309 Parking Spaces
9,000 SF Retail/Commercial
420,000 GSF

This rehabilitation of an existing heavy timber and masonry building for use as a new company headquarters and brokerage facility incorporates two trading floors, an expansive computer room, an executive board room and employee dining facilities, in addition to the office and support functions. Building Improvements include two high-speed passenger elevators, new plumbing and HVAC systems, and new electrical service, including a 200KW emergency generator and battery back-up system for telephone and computers. The façade of the building is given a new limestone cladding at the first two floors, following a classical motif. The building interior is highlighted by a terraced lobby running the length of the building with an observation area overlooking a trading floor. Mahogany paneling and terrazzo flooring are continued on the seventh floor executive reception area which terminates below a pyramidal skylight.

The Chicago Lighting Award of Merit

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