Haberdasher Square


Chicago, Illinois

American Invsco

1910, 1925, 1937

234 Units
12 Stories
250 Parking Spaces
460,000 GSF

This multi-phase residential loft conversion incorporates two existing structures situated in Chicago’s bustling downtown area. The larger of the two structures is a 12-story reinforced concrete building, originally executed at 7-stories in a Neo-Gothic style in 1925 for the A. B. Dick Company and expanded in 1937 to its present height. An adjacent 8-story heavy timber structure which dates from 1910 was renovated as Phase Two of the project. The design incorporates dwellings whose interior spaces are unified around a sweeping curved wall and soffit. This device at once defines all the major uses while serving to visually organize and affirm the character of a large singular interior room into which uses are placed. Twelve foot ceilings and careful organization of pipes and ductwork serve to further define space and allow natural light to reach the most remote points. Central corridors are organized to create a sense of movement through and around sculpted objects of existing structure or new construction. The building lobby begins with a restored entry and vestibule of rich bronze travertine and plaster sculpture moldings. The bold gothic inspired design serves to enrich the entry and become the counterpoint against which the new interior lobby and corridors are derived.

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