Park Lafayette


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Renaissant Development Group

10 Townhouse, 135 and 136 Tower Units
2 and 3, 20 and 20 Stories
449 Parking Spaces
1,200 SF Retail/Commercial
215,400 and 215,400 GSF

Perched on a bluff overlooking a beautiful lake setting, this modern luxury residential complex is comprised of two triangular-shaped towers that book-end a row of townhouses. The modern glass facades form a razor-sharp silhouette that is promptly anchored into the surrounding context of older masonry structures by the more conventional red brick rectangular forms that frame the complex at its base. Irregular windows cut into the brick sections of the towers serve to weave the different components together and provide interesting counterbalance to the overall mass and symmetry of the project. With a garden wall hugging the street and a roof garden above, the facades are well proportioned and pedestrian-friendly.

Mayor’s Design Award, City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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