80 Rainey Project Progress

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The Paseo at 80 Rainey is designed with Austin's Rainey Street neighborhood character in mind, known for its bars, eateries, and nightlife. The project reimagines an infill site along Rainey Street, previously used as a food truck lot, into a high-rise mixed-use tower designed in such a way as to invite and engage the public. Ground-floor retail and alcoves planned into the building’s street frontage create social space and allow for a sidewalk cafe culture. Two historic bungalows are preserved and incorporated into the site plan with a landscaped walkway that acts as a connection point for pedestrians to safely traverse from Rainey Street to the riverfront trails and park to the west.

A contextual planning approach, and a sensitive yet bold architectural vocabulary, shape this project into the heart of Austin's growing community. Masonry brickwork encapsulating the building podium engages local masons to further connect the building to its setting and reaffirm its sense of place in the neighborhood. The residential tower above the garage podium extends the project’s themes with mixed aesthetics that echo the dynamic collection of commercial activities on Rainey Street. Residential amenity levels atop the podium are arranged in staggered tiers that seem to organically erode into the building mass.


Project Team: David A. HaymesJeff Renterghem, Greg Klosowski (PM), Javier Ortiz, Sofia Ramos, Michael Henning, Peter Evanich


September 2023 - Building podium starts to fill out at Paseo!

February 2023 - Groundbreaking Event

The much-anticipated groundbreaking ceremony for Paseo, a 48-story mixed-use tower rising over Rainey Street in Austin, Texas, took place on February 28th. LV Collective, the developer of this exciting project, is bringing 557 apartments and two levels of retail to the popular Austin neighborhood. The project also includes an above-ground parking garage, an impressive 34,000 sq ft of building amenities, and the preservation of two existing bungalows on the site. The event was a festive occasion with live music and barbecue that bespeaks the vibrant culture of the Rainey district.

The project was carefully thought out to complement and enrich the neighborhood's character while providing a new residential and social hub for the community. The building’s overall design emphasizes vibrance and openness throughout. Renderings show a dynamic ground floor façade with lush landscaping that beckons passersby into the space while maintaining energy along the street. Tenants enter the building along Rainey Street through an inviting lobby, which serves as the first glimpse into the building's remarkable living experience.

Above, the parking garage boasts a sleek and minimal appearance with a plant-lined masonry facade. The residential tower features patterned glass and protruding balconies that echo the dynamic atmosphere of Rainey Street. A series of staggered setbacks atop the parking podium open up to an amenity deck that offers more vertical clear space and incredible panoramic views of the city and Lady Bird Lake.

The Paseo is set to complete in 2025.

January 2023 - Construction Commences at Paseo on Rainey Street

November 2021 - Design Coordination at PH with Landscape Architect, TBG Partners!


2021 - Project Reveal

Project Goals

- Adhere to the current Rainey district feel and story by providing community spaces for pedestrians
- Provide 10% on-site affordable housing
- Preserve two existing bungalow homes and incorporate them into the new site plan
- Activate the entire Rainey Street frontage
- Connect Rainey Street to the Alley and be a catalyst for future connection of Rainey district to the riverfront trails and the future expansion of the Mexican American cultural center
- Reduce vehicle traffic loads on Rainey Street by moving vehicular access, loading, and pick-up away from the street
- Preserve most of the existing trees on site
- Improve pedestrian experience by providing additional shading, planting oversized trees in front of the property


City Context

Austin’s Rainey District is defined by a series of bungalows that have been converted into restaurants and bars over time. The street as a result has become a dynamic nightlife hotspot for dining and entertainment. Rainey Street has recently started attracting urban dwellers due to its proximity to the city center as well as the Colorado River and the riverfront green space.

City Context Map by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners
Building Context Diagram


Existing Site Conditions

The site currently operates as a food truck lot and is occupied by two bungalows which currently operate as bars.

Existing Site Conditions by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners


Site Plan

Facing the street will be various retail and restaurants while the preserved bungalows will provide additional use as commercial space. Between the main building and the bungalows will be a landscaped garden and walkway connecting Rainey Street to the riverfront park and trails.

Site Plan by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners


Human Experience Vignette - Public Realm

Rendering by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners
Rendering by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners
Rendering by Landscape Architect, TBG Partners