Illinois Forest Preservation Photo Exhibit


Ken DeMuth, AIA, is a recognized expert in adaptive reuse and historic preservation of buildings. Still, his passion for conservation extends beyond architecture to Illinois's natural forests and prairies. Ken is a member of the Spring Creek Stewards that volunteers in the 7,000 acre Spring Lake Forest Preserve and often spends his time out of the office to keep invasive species away and help restore the land to its “pre-settlement” condition. His efforts include historic settlement research, landscape documentation, and botany-related fieldwork coordinated with Forest Preserve naturalists to reverse engineer the original prairie state.

While Ken has been actively working to restore the natural landscapes of Illinois, he has managed to capture on camera some extraordinary moments in nature. Ken was invited to display his collection of photographs at the Citizens of Conservation Art Show. Below are Ken’s photos from the art show and a few others from his private collection!


Mud Lake


Downed Trees


The Robber Fly


Back 40




Silk Net


Cone Flower Heads


Donlea Oak


Bur Oaks at the 160


Pearl in Spring Creek




Royal Catchfly, Coneflowers and Wild Bergamot


Tiger Butterfly




Tufted Sedge Meadow


Sedge Meadow


Ice Formation 1


Ice Formation 2


Ice Formation 3


Frosted web