2023 Pumpkin Carving Contest

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It’s our much-anticipated Annual PH Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Eight teams submitted their inspiring pumpkin entries this year as well as a special pumpkin entry from our Austin, Texas Office.

Our 2023 first-place winners are David Mata and his girlfriend, who delivered an impressive performance with their pumpkin carving skills! A very close second place goes to the talented Parham Nourikoupaei and Scott Schultz. Last but not least, our third-place honors go to Olivia Cox and Luke Marczewski!

Congrats to the winners, and thank you to all the participants for making this event memorable! Keep scrolling to see all of our creations below!

Happy Halloween!

1st Place Winner

Team Members: David Mata and his girlfriend, Samantha Blanc!

2nd Place Winner

Team Members: Parham Nourikoupaei, Scott Schultz

3rd Place Winner

Team Members: Olivia Cox, Luke Marczewski

Honorable Mentions! (All Others)

Team Members: Greg Klosowski, Chris Woodfin

Team Member: Kathryn Katz

Team Members: Cesar Chavez, Shahryar Beyzavi

Team Members: Mike Henning, Ethan Tsai

Team Member: Elliot Schwarz, Justin Palmer, Kathryn Katz

Special Entry from the Austin, Texas Office!

Presenting "Sheriff Pumpkin" from Texas!

Team Members: Peter Evanich, Sofia Ramos