Steven Rezabek, AIA, Retires From Position as Partner After 37 Years at PH

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great honor and pride that we announce the retirement of Steven Rezabek, AIA, from his position as Partner at Pappageorge Haymes Partners (PH) after an impressive 37 years with the firm and a remarkable 40-year career as an architect.

Steve has left an enduring mark on PH, having been an integral part of the firm's growth. His leadership is reflected in the transformation and revitalization of many urban neighborhoods in Chicago and across the country. From publicly funded in-fill housing to expansive high-rise and mixed-use planned developments, Steve has managed a diverse range of projects. He has also been a driving force behind affordable housing, taking on the majority of such initiatives since PH’s early involvement in the project type. Steve’s contributions have been vital to PH's success, leading to the recognition of several award-winning projects, including Embassy Club, Buckhead Atlanta, Oakley Square Apartments, Rainbow Village, and Emerson Square, among others.

Rooted in his early education in environmental studies, Steve has developed a distinctive approach to residential architecture. His designs revolve around prioritizing human experience and well-being while simultaneously considering the broader impact of buildings within urban and suburban contexts. Steve’s legacy is one of sensible and appropriate architecture that aligns with the needs of residents, developers’ visions, and environmental responsibility. His expertise and dedication to high-performance design have led to the successful realization of numerous projects and enduring partnerships with clients.

Beyond his architectural contributions, Steve has served the firm in matters of finances and as the head of human resources. Through his leadership, he has helped steer the firm’s financial and administrative operations, maintain staff levels, and monitor fiscal and contractual performance. In recent years, he played a crucial role in navigating the firm toward an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and fostering an environment for emerging professionals to gain meaningful experience. As a mentor, Steve has empowered a new generation of architects to achieve new heights and advance their careers.

As Steve bids farewell, he leaves behind not only a legacy of achievements but a lasting imprint that will continue to shape PH's future endeavors. We are grateful for the privilege of working with and getting to know Steve throughout the years. His unwavering presence and dry humor will be dearly missed. We extend our heartfelt congratulations as Steve embarks on his retirement, where he plans to tackle long-postponed home improvement projects. Please join us in celebrating Steven Rezabek’s career and well-deserved retirement!

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