Kenneth DeMuth 40th Anniversary

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Kenneth DeMuth, AIA, Partner

Ken DeMuth is celebrating an impressive four decades with PH, having joined the firm in 1984 as its 7th employee. This pivotal position earned him the affectionate nickname “007” among his colleagues. Ken’s architectural passion centers on adaptive reuse and historic renovation, particularly focusing on transforming downtown office buildings into residential and mixed-use functions. He has been involved in over 80 such projects in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Beyond his exceptional work at PH, Ken serves as an advisory panel member to the City of Chicago on ongoing building code matters and as an advisor to the American Institute of Architects. He played a key role in Chicago’s recent Building Code modernization, helping to shape the future of the city’s architectural landscape.

Ken’s exceptional contributions to the architecture profession have not gone unnoticed. His accolades include the AIA Chicago Distinguished Service Award, City of Chicago Preservation Excellence Award, Landmarks Illinois Driehaus Award, and ULI Chicago Vision Award. His peers affectionately refer to him as "Professor" for his wealth of knowledge and commitment to mentoring others.

Ken is a staunch advocate for sustainability through the transformation and revitalization of existing buildings. He dedicates himself to promoting environmentally friendly practices and preserving our architectural legacy through lectures and presentations at various professional organizations.

Outside of his professional commitments, Ken channels his passion for conservation by volunteering with the Cook County Forest Preserve, restoring native vegetative habitats of the Midwest. His enduring commitment to adaptive reuse, historic preservation, and environmental stewardship exemplifies his profound impact on the built environment and the community.

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Pedro Albizu Campos Apartments Ribbon Cutting

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Chicago, IL, May 17th, 2024 – Historic Humboldt Park and the Paseo Boricua officially welcomed a new residence with the grand opening of the Pedro Albizu Campos Apartments at 1203 North California Avenue. The 9-story building, named in honor of Puerto Rican patriot and activist Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by City and Congressional dignitaries and community leaders. With its completion, the project realizes a long-time goal to honor the life efforts of Dr. Campos.

Sixty-four affordable, family-oriented apartments are provided to a community under pressure from a housing shortage, rising development costs, and changing demographics. Area residents who might otherwise be displaced are instead offered an opportunity to remain and continue the vibrance and cultural heritage that has become synonymous with Humboldt Park. This state-of-the-art building incorporates amenities and sustainable features designed to support healthy families in a pedestrian-oriented environment.

The ceremony featured speeches from distinguished guests, including Jose Lopez of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, 26th Ward Alderperson Jessie Fuentes, Chicago DOH Commissioner Lindsey Castaneda, and CHA CEO Tracey Scott. Their remarks acknowledged the significance of the project, which anchors an important corner and preserves the cultural and social fabric of one of Chicago's great neighborhoods.

Led by CEO and visionary Paul Roldan of the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, this is a new vertical neighborhood that transforms a previously unused corner lot into a community icon projecting revitalization and resilience. A large, multi-story mural by local artist Antonio Beniquez depicting the Flor de Maga, Puerto Rico's national flower, celebrates the area's Puerto Rican heritage. The Pedro Albizu Campos Apartments stand as a testament to the power of community-driven development and the enduring spirit of Humboldt Park's residents.


Timothy Kent 30th Anniversary

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Timothy Kent, AIA, Partner

Timothy Kent is marking an extraordinary 30-year tenure at PH. As a partner in the firm, his work showcases his dedication to urbanist principles across a range of project scales that include complex masterplans and high-rise mixed-use developments. His versatility in architectural vocabularies and sensitivity to context have contributed to award-winning projects nationwide, significantly broadening the complexity and geographical scope of the firm’s work.

Tim is an advocate for limiting urban sprawl through the creation of walkable, mixed-use communities and he continues to actively explore opportunities to create connected experiences in both urban and suburban settings. A frequent participant in design charrettes, Tim’s recent projects include mixed-use towers in Baltimore and Nashville, affordable housing in Chicago and South Bend, and masterplans across the US and also in Portugal. He has been a guest design critic at several universities and also serves on the Executive Advisory Board of Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning.

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Steven Rezabek, AIA, Retires From Position as Partner After 37 Years at PH

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great honor and pride that we announce the retirement of Steven Rezabek, AIA, from his position as Partner at Pappageorge Haymes Partners (PH) after an impressive 37 years with the firm and a remarkable 40-year career as an architect.

Steve has left an enduring mark on PH, having been an integral part of the firm's growth. His leadership is reflected in the transformation and revitalization of many urban neighborhoods in Chicago and across the country. From publicly funded in-fill housing to expansive high-rise and mixed-use planned developments, Steve has managed a diverse range of projects. He has also been a driving force behind affordable housing, taking on the majority of such initiatives since PH’s early involvement in the project type. Steve’s contributions have been vital to PH's success, leading to the recognition of several award-winning projects, including Embassy Club, Buckhead Atlanta, Oakley Square Apartments, Rainbow Village, and Emerson Square, among others.

Rooted in his early education in environmental studies, Steve has developed a distinctive approach to residential architecture. His designs revolve around prioritizing human experience and well-being while simultaneously considering the broader impact of buildings within urban and suburban contexts. Steve’s legacy is one of sensible and appropriate architecture that aligns with the needs of residents, developers’ visions, and environmental responsibility. His expertise and dedication to high-performance design have led to the successful realization of numerous projects and enduring partnerships with clients.

Beyond his architectural contributions, Steve has served the firm in matters of finances and as the head of human resources. Through his leadership, he has helped steer the firm’s financial and administrative operations, maintain staff levels, and monitor fiscal and contractual performance. In recent years, he played a crucial role in navigating the firm toward an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and fostering an environment for emerging professionals to gain meaningful experience. As a mentor, Steve has empowered a new generation of architects to achieve new heights and advance their careers.

As Steve bids farewell, he leaves behind not only a legacy of achievements but a lasting imprint that will continue to shape PH's future endeavors. We are grateful for the privilege of working with and getting to know Steve throughout the years. His unwavering presence and dry humor will be dearly missed. We extend our heartfelt congratulations as Steve embarks on his retirement, where he plans to tackle long-postponed home improvement projects. Please join us in celebrating Steven Rezabek’s career and well-deserved retirement!

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2023 Pumpkin Carving Contest

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It’s our much-anticipated Annual PH Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Eight teams submitted their inspiring pumpkin entries this year as well as a special pumpkin entry from our Austin, Texas Office.

Our 2023 first-place winners are David Mata and his girlfriend, who delivered an impressive performance with their pumpkin carving skills! A very close second place goes to the talented Parham Nourikoupaei and Scott Schultz. Last but not least, our third-place honors go to Olivia Cox and Luke Marczewski!

Congrats to the winners, and thank you to all the participants for making this event memorable! Keep scrolling to see all of our creations below!

Happy Halloween!

1st Place Winner

Team Members: David Mata and his girlfriend, Samantha Blanc!

2nd Place Winner

Team Members: Parham Nourikoupaei, Scott Schultz

3rd Place Winner

Team Members: Olivia Cox, Luke Marczewski

Honorable Mentions! (All Others)

Team Members: Greg Klosowski, Chris Woodfin

Team Member: Kathryn Katz

Team Members: Cesar Chavez, Shahryar Beyzavi

Team Members: Mike Henning, Ethan Tsai

Team Member: Elliot Schwarz, Justin Palmer, Kathryn Katz

Special Entry from the Austin, Texas Office!

Presenting "Sheriff Pumpkin" from Texas!

Team Members: Peter Evanich, Sofia Ramos


Sofia Ramos Joins PH’s Austin Office in Texas



Sofia Ramos has relocated to Austin, Texas, to join PH's Austin Office. Having been an integral member of the Paseo (80 Rainey) project team since its inception, Sofia will now provide on-site support for the project as it undergoes construction. She will be collaborating with Peter Evanich, the current Austin Office Manager, in driving business development activities in the region, while also taking on a supportive role in all ongoing projects across Texas. We are thrilled about her new journey in the Lone Star State and extend our best wishes for her success in her new role!


2023 Staff Promotions



We are pleased to announce the promotion of several staff members in recognition of their hard work, dedication, and exceptional contributions to the firm.

In the Architectural Associates Group:
E. Peter Evanich and Donald L. Mouch have been promoted to Associate I.
Cesar Chavez and Scott Schultz have been promoted to Associate II.
Luke Marczewski and Christopher D. Woodfin have been promoted to Senior Associate.

In the Administrative Associates Group:
Elizabeth Becker and Kathryn Katz have been promoted to Associate I.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the promotion of Gregory L. Klosowski to Partner.

These promotions reflect the firm's commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent from within the organization and building a diverse team dedicated to delivering the best design solutions to our clients. These individuals bring tremendous value to our firm, and we are confident they will continue to contribute to our collective success in their new roles.

Please join us in congratulating all members on their well-deserved promotions!


E. Peter Evanich, Associate I

Peter Evanich, who has been with PH for 10 years now, is the new representative at PH's second office in Austin, Texas. Having recently relocated to Austin, Peter has taken the lead in establishing the new office and is actively contributing to the firm's business development efforts in Texas. Additionally, he is responsible for managing the firm's AIA 2030 Commitment, driving the firm toward sustainable practices and ensuring that PH stays at the forefront of innovative and environmentally conscious architectural solutions.


Donald L. Mouch, Associate I

Donald Mouch is an accomplished and skilled architect with extensive experience working on numerous project types, including banks, retail, single-family homes, master planning, and multifamily residential projects. His expertise has contributed to developing many vibrant and sustainable communities that cater to the needs of diverse groups of people. With his ability to take charge of projects across a wide range of size and scope to clients’ satisfaction, he is an invaluable member of the PH team. Donald is currently leading a number of developments as Project Manager, including Congress Lofts at St. Elmo, a 5-story 149-unit condominium development in Austin, Texas.


Scott Schultz, Associate II

With over 15 years of professional experience, Scott Schultz has demonstrated exceptional design skills in both building design and master planning, working on projects of varying sizes and scopes across the country. Scott has been instrumental in some of the firm's most high-profile projects outside of the Chicago area, bringing his expertise to diverse clients and projects. His contributions have been particularly noteworthy in designing the award-winning residential tower at Fifth + Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, which has garnered industry recognition for its striking design and exceptional contribution to downtown Nashville.


Cesar Chavez, Associate II

Cesar Chavez is a seasoned architect with a proven track record of leading successful projects, particularly in the high-rise multifamily sector. During his 18-year tenure at PH, Cesar has amassed an impressive collection of projects in the Chicago area. He is a highly skilled professional who expertly navigates client and consultant relationships. His approach relies on consistent communication to build a mutual understanding with clients and teams to manage expectations, foster a collaborative team spirit, and deliver successful results on every project he undertakes.


Luke Marczewski, Senior Associate

Luke Marczewski's comprehensive knowledge of design and construction, combined with his exceptional leadership skills, has enabled him to oversee a diverse portfolio of projects, including new construction and adaptive reuse projects of varying scales. He is equally capable of taking charge of small-scale projects single-handedly, as well as leading a team to complete large-scale developments. Luke’s dedication to seamless project delivery, attention to detail, and design acumen have earned him a reputation as a skilled architect and a trusted advisor to clients.


Christopher D. Woodfin, Senior Associate

Chris Woodfin leads his design team with 30 years of multi-national architectural and design experience. He has managed projects from conception through construction supervision in a diverse range of project typologies, including mixed-use, institutional, hospitality, commercial, retail, and multi-family residential. Chris has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects with high professionalism, working collaboratively with clients to bring their vision to life and delivering exceptional solutions that exceed expectations.


Elizabeth Becker, Associate I

Elizabeth Becker is an accomplished and thoughtful professional, who has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of PH. As a skilled negotiator, Elizabeth is capable of effectively coordinating multiple project proposals and navigating complex contractual agreements. She is highly valued for her strong interpersonal skills and ability to foster trust and collaboration with clients and colleagues alike. Elizabeth’s exceptional communication skills and ability to cultivate key client relationships have been crucial to PH’s recent efforts in opening the new Austin office in Texas and ongoing leadership in business development in the Austin area.


Kathryn Katz, Associate I

As the Human Resource Manager, Kathryn Katz has been an unwavering advocate for the firm's success, especially during the challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. She has effectively led the firm's human resource team in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of employment laws and regulations while ensuring the well-being of the staff. With her confident and reassuring presence, Kathryn has been a pillar of strength for the team and has provided invaluable support to the firm's leadership.

Beyond her outstanding work during the pandemic, Kathryn has also been a driving force in the firm's efforts to foster a positive and inclusive workplace. She has spearheaded initiatives to improve office culture and implement best practices that promote equity and diversity. Her exceptional leadership in these areas has been instrumental in helping the firm attract and retain top talent.


Gregory L. Klosowski, Partner

A gifted sketcher and creative leader, Greg Klosowski enjoys the design process, viewing it as an opportunity for exploration and evolution. His ability to balance creative vision with practical execution has yielded exceptional outcomes for his clients, with many of his projects earning industry recognition for their modern design and functionality. Greg has emerged as a trusted advisor to clients, developers, consultants, and cities, delivering dynamic mixed-use developments nationwide. Greg is currently leading the Paseo, a 48-story, 557-unit mixed-use residential tower at 80 Rainey in Austin, Texas.

Additionally, as a Fitwel Ambassador, Greg is committed to designing human-scaled spaces that promote walkability and public health. He recognizes the importance of pedestrian-friendly designs, especially in urban settings, and works with his team to incorporate these principles into his projects.

Greg's experience prior to joining PH includes founding his own architecture and design practice in Oakland, California, in 2001, where he received local recognition for his work. His entrepreneurial background allows him to bring a unique perspective to PH, which he leverages to enhance his business development strategies at the firm.

In addition to his design expertise, Greg is also a member of the HR committee and works closely with the next generation of PH talent to elevate design and redefine office culture. He brings a strong work ethic to each project, fostering creativity and a growth mindset among his team members. In his new position as Partner, Greg will continue to set office standards, leading by example and mentoring junior architects to ensure the highest quality and dedication to design innovation.



First Met Groundbreaking Event



A new mixed-income senior housing development in Houston began construction with a groundbreaking ceremony on February 2nd, 2023. The four-story building is located at 8870 W. Sam Houston Parkway on a parcel of land formerly owned by First Metropolitan Church.

The church's founding pastors, Bishop John Ogletree and Dr. Evelyn Ogletree had envisioned senior housing in the church's master plan over 20 years ago. Now, Brinshore Development and the Harris County Housing Authority are turning the long-held vision into reality, developing a community that delivers affordable and accessible housing for the aging population in Houston. The new development is a meaningful step toward improving the quality of life for seniors in the area, helping to ensure older adults can age with dignity and independence, maintain social connections, and live in a safe and secure environment.

The building will comprise 157 apartments of various sizes, 85 of which are low-income, offering seniors a range of options to suit their needs and budgets. The development is designed to foster the well-being of its residents with amenities aimed at promoting social interaction and a sense of community. Amenity spaces include a club room and activity room, media center, private event suite, fitness center, business center, and pool.

First Met Senior Apartments is set to complete in 2024.


2022 Year in Review



Austin Office Announcement



We are expanding our national reach to a very exciting location - Austin, Texas! With over 15 projects in Texas to date, this second location will enable us to respond more quickly and efficiently to the growing needs of our projects in the region. We are excited about this new opportunity to better support our clients in Texas while expanding our presence nationwide.

Our new office is conveniently located at 600 Congress Avenue. Peter Evanich, who recently relocated to Austin, will serve as the primary point of contact and permanent local presence. He is supported by the firm's leadership, who will continue to split their time between Chicago and Austin to promote the unified growth and integration of both studios.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our clients and partners for their continuous support and cooperation with our firm. We look forward to meeting the residents, businesses, and organizations that make Austin a great place to live and work!


Peter Evanich has over a decade of experience in multifamily, single-family, mixed-use, affordable, and educational facilities. He joined PH in 2013 and has since broadened his portfolio to include projects across the country, with work on several high-profile projects, such as Wolf Point East, The Collection, and Christopher House. His most recent project involvement includes work on 80 Rainey in Austin.

Peter is a licensed architect and a natural leader who has earned the respect of his peers. He has been involved in the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) as a member of the Future Leaders Committee (FLC), where he served as its Communications Manager for four years. Peter is also managing the firm’s AIA 2030 Commitment, driving the firm toward sustainable practices.

In Austin, Peter will be providing technical and professional services for projects in Texas and serving as the primary point of contact for local support.



2022 Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Once a year at Halloween, our talented PH staff put their skills to the test in a highly competitive pumpkin carving contest.
On this special day, the tables are cleared of drawings and material samples and instead littered with carving tools and pumpkin bits!
Check out the PHamily's inspiring pumpkin creations!

Happy Halloween!

1st Place Winner - Swamp Creature

Team Members: Luke Marczewski, Richard Higgins

2nd Place Winner - Sweet Treat 3.14

Team Members: Chris Woodfin, Justin Palmer, Michael Henning

3rd Place Winner - Confused Pumpkin

Team Members: Javier Ortiz, Scott Schultz

Honorable Mentions! (All Others)

Team Members: Brittany Hardaway, David Mata

Team Member: Chris Chiu

Team Members: David Zielinski, Kristin Ridge, Ovi Olariu

Team Members: Elliot Schwarz, Shahryar Beyzavi

Team Members: Ethan Tsai, Sofia Ramos

Team Member: Greg Klosowski

Team Members: Kathryn Katz, Tim Kent