2024 Staff Promotions



We are pleased to announce our Associate and Senior Associate promotions for 2024! These new appointments recognize the exceptional work, dedication, and leadership that each individual has exhibited over the years. Please join us in congratulating all members on their well-deserved promotions!

In the Architectural Associates Group:
Christopher Chiu has been promoted to Associate I
Todd Depukat has been promoted to Associate I
Donald Mouch has been promoted to Associate II
Michael Henning has been promoted to Senior Associate

In the Administrative Associates Group:
Carissa Davis has been promoted to Associate I
Kathryn Katz has been promoted to Associate II

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Chris Chiu, Associate I

Chris Chiu, with 15 years in the architecture industry and 9 years at PH this year, has been promoted to Associate for his exceptional work in understanding accessibility standards and his role as a project manager. He leads the firm's Accessibility Committee and plays a vital role in ensuring all projects comply with local and national standards, significantly contributing to the firm's success. Chris's approachable nature and architectural expertise make him a highly valued team member, enhancing the quality of our projects.


Todd Depukat, Associate I

Todd Depukat, with 25 years of experience and 19 years at PH, is now an Associate and a leading Technical Architect at the firm. His keen eye for detail ensures that projects are executed with precision and excellence. Todd's expertise greatly contributes to the firm's reputation for delivering high-quality architectural solutions.


Donald Mouch, Associate II

Donald Mouch, with almost 10 years at PH and 17 years in the industry, is now an Associate II. While he has developed a speciality in designing mid-rise residential and financial institutions, his versatility has allowed him to make significant contributions across all project types. Donald remains instrumental in expanding PH's portfolio and delivering innovative architectural solutions within this sector.


Michael Henning, Senior Associate

Michael Henning, with 11 years at PH and 33 years in the industry, has been promoted to Senior Associate for his multifaceted talent in design, project management, and client relations. He excels in diverse project types, adding to PH's impressive portfolio. Michael's attention to detail and his expressive architectural vision only enhances the firm's reputation for delivering outstanding design. A great leader at PH, he guides and mentors staff with his wealth of experience and professional insight.


Carissa Davis, Associate I

Carissa Davis, a dedicated member of PH for 20 years, has been promoted to Associate. As the firm's Controller, she showcases her exceptional skills in accuracy, diligence, and numbers, contributing significantly to the firm's success. Her excellent communication skills further enhance her ability to collaborate across departments and maintain strong relationships with clients and colleagues.


Kathryn Katz, Associate II

Kathryn Katz has been promoted to Associate II, having joined PH in 2019 as the firm’s Human Resources Generalist. Since then she has far exceeded the limits of that role to become an indispensable component of the firm’s daily operations and leadership structure. Her energy and initiative has fostered better communication, improved staffing strategy, and streamlined administrative protocols. Additionally, Kathryn’s steadfast dedication to excellence is manifested across her multiple roles directing office celebrations, coordinating employee benefits and managing the firm’s 401k and ESOP programs, among many others.